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Dec 20th.2022

Price including restoration fee + voltage change.
Import tax on buyer.

Shipping (left) destined to US/CA/AU/NZ/East Asia

Shipping (right) destined to EU

Free shipping to JP address but need 10[%] tax.
Please ask if you are not in these countries.

SCi Prophet-600 - $1,099US    +shipping 250-350US
-gligli firmware and brand new switch panel installed

Roland JUNO-106 - $1,199US    +shipping 250-350US
Roland JUNO-106 - $999US    +shipping 250-350US
Roland SH-3A - $699US    +shipping 250-350US
Roland SPV-355 - $699US    +shipping 125-150US
Roland TR-606 - $499US    +shipping 50US

-Individual output mod installed
Roland system-100M 112 VCO module - 699US    +shipping 50US

Roland RE-150 - 699US    175-250US

KORG MONO/POLY - $1,499US    +shipping 250-350US

KORG polysix - $1,099US    +shipping 250-350US

-Top Class one

-Brand new CPU board installed

KORG polysix - $899US     +shipping 250-350US

-Brand new CPU board installed

KORG DELTA - $299US    +shipping 225-325US 

KORG VC-10 - $899US    +shipping 250US 

YAMAHA SK50D - $1,499US    +shipping 700-850US
-comes with legs, pedal and bass unit
YAMAHA SK30 - $799US   
+shipping 400-550US

YAMAHA CS30 - $1,499US    +shipping 275-375US

YAMAHA CS20M - $599US    +shipping 300-400US

TEISCO SX-240 - 1,299US    +shipping 250-350US

ARP AVATAR - $1,299US    +shipping 250-350US

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