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Roland SYSTEM-100M 

112-121-130-140-150 in 191J power base.

Asking 3,499USD including 
Restoration work + 
Voltage change to 120/220-240[V](on buyer's request)
Comes with five DIN cables.

Or 3,999USD for 112-112-121-130-140 in 191J + individual 150 that comes with DIN power cable ehich supplies power frmo 191J EXPAND jack to 150.

Shipping 150US to US/CA/AU/NZ/East Asia

Shipping 200US to EU

Free shipping to JP address but need 10[%] tax.
Please ask if you are not in these countries.

Please contact us​ if you are buying this or you have any questions. 

Item Code : #358215371287 Listed27/02/2023 Sold 03/13/2023

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