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Vintage synthesizers Sales, Restorations & Modifications

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We are very happy to see you who visited us before you touch e*ay's uncared and overpriced synths.




All items are technically cared and in 100% working order,

Price including shipping cost to your door.


Payment by
 Bank wire
 Postal Moneyorder

 Paypal  *Need extra 7.5[%] 5.0[%] to cover PP fee & exchange loss

                  when item price is 1,000US or more.

Shipment within 3 5-7 business days after payment reached, by postal air packet (SAL).



For Sale Now are:

Please click model name below




  JUPITER-6  #566947470434 2,775US shipping cost included  NEW

  SH-3A  #566959376818 799US shipping cost included  NEW 


  JUPITER-8  #362549346060 7,750US shipping cost included  Sold Out

  MC-202  #362549346060 750US shipping cost included  Sold Out

  SH-101  #362549346060 1,075US shipping cost included  comes with Grip + Strap + Bag  Sold Out





   DL-50  #465281070241 725US shipping cost included

   VC-10  #661961601014 1,199US shipping cost included


   POLY-61  #666137017863 575US shipping cost included  Sold Out




  CS10 #351214550314 599US 475USD shipping cost included

  CS15 #546166961444  725USD shipping cost includede  Sold Out

  CS10  #445323901337 575US 450USD shipping cost included  Sold Out


Sequential Circuits

  Prophet-600  #341031353688  999USD shipping cost included  Sold Out





Arp Odyssey Slider caps (perfectly remanufactured) 119.00US for 34 caps

Elec. Components for Restoration... TA-7179/2SC1583/2SB834/2SD880

Please email us if you are waiting for "coming-soon" or unseen item on the list, which may be in our stock room and waiting for technical care.



Our price range....  SHIPPING COST INCLUDED!!!



  system-700 ... 20,000US (average) - 25,000US (top condition)

  system-100M(D) ... 2,500US (average) - 3,000US (top condition)

  Jupiter-8 ..7,500US (average) - 9,500US (top condition)

  Jupiter-6 ..2,700US (average) - 3,000US (top condition)

  Jupiter-4 ..2,500US (average) - 2,750US (top condition)

  Juno-6 ..900US (average) - 1050US (top condition)

  Juno-60 ..1,100US (average) - 1,300US (top condition)

  Promars ..1,100US (average) - 1,250US (top condition)

  VP-330 ..2,750US (average) - 3,000US (top condition) revised on Mar.30.2013

  RS-505 ..1,250US (average) - 1,450US (top condition)

  SH-7 ..2,300US (average) - 2,500US (top condition)

  SH-5 ..2,750US (average) - 3,000US (top condition) revised on Jul. 18.2013

  SH-3A ..950US (average) - 1,100US (top condition)

  SH-2 ..900US (average) - 1,100US (top condition) revised on Mar.30.2013

  SH-1 ..900US (average) - 1,100US (top condition) revised on Mar.30.2013

  SH-09 ..600US (average) - 750US (top condition)

  SH-101 ..950US (average) - 1,150US (top condition) revised on Jul. 18.2013

  TR-606 ..400US (average) - 525US (top condition)

  TR-808 ..2,750US (average) - 2,950US (top condition) revised on Jul.18.2013

  TR-909 ..2,750US (average) - 2,950US (top condition) revised on Jul.18.2013

  TB-303 ..1,900US (average) - 2,200US (top condition) revised on Jan.25.2013

  MC-202 ..875US (average) - 1000US (top condition)


  PS-3300 + PS3010 ..15,000US (average) - 20,000US (top condition)

  PS-3200 + PS3010 ..8,500US (average) - 10,000US (top condition)

  PS-3100 ..6,500US (average) - 8,000US (top condition)

  700S ..1,000US (average) - 1,200US (top condition)

  800DV ..1,750US (average) - 2,000US (top condition) revised on Mar.30.2013

  MS-50 ..2,200US (average) - 2,500US (top condition)

  MS-20 ..1,000US (average) - 1,200US (top condition)

  MS-10 ..800US (average) - 1,000US (top condition)

  VC-10 ..1,200US (average) - 1,400US (top condition)

  SQ-10 ..1,200US (average) - 1,400US (top condition)

  MONO/POLY ..1,450US (average) - 1,700US (top condition) revised on Jun.22.2013

  polysix ..1,000US (average) - 1,100US (top condition)


  CS-80 ... 13,000US (average) - 14,000US (top condition)

  CS-60 ... 2,400US (average) - 2,600US (top condition)

  CS-50 ... 2,000US (average) - 2,200US (top condition)

  CS-40M ... 1,400US (average) - 1,650US (top condition) revised on Jul.18.2013

  CS-30 ... 1,250US (average) - 1,450US (top condition)

  CS-20M ... 800US (average) - 1,000US (top condition) revised on Mar.30.2013

  CS-15 ... 700US (average) - 800US (top condition)

  CS-10 ... 550US (average) - 650US (top condition)



How to contact ?:

Please email us and we will send detailed information to proceed the deal.



How to pay ?:

Payment by

Bank Wire

Paypal (need extra 5[%] when item price is 1,000US or more)

Postal Moneyorder (US buyers only).



*** For Buyers in Japan:

All Price in USDollar but I'll inform price in JPYen to buyers in japan

(regardless of nationality), which will be less than USD price because of lower shipping cost and ease of delivery.

Please email us to be informed price in JPYen.
Click here to see
Legal Noticement



*** For Buyers out of Japan:

All Price in USDollar but I'll inform price in your currency on buyer's request.

Merchandize may be impossible to ship to your country because of legal reason or shipping weight/measure limit.

Please email us to see if your favourite item is available.



When and how it is shipped ?:

Basically item will be shipped out in 3 business days after payment received,

by postal air packet (SAL)

It usually takes 3-5 days for payment to arrive by bank wire.

Need 5-7 days after payment received for overhauling.

Other courier (FedEx/UPS and others) is available but cost more,

Please email us for details.


How long it takes to buyer's door ?:

7-10 days to East Asia

...2 weeks from payment to arrival, may take 2-4 days more

10-14 days to North and Middle America/Europe/Oceania/Mid and West Asia

 ...3 weeks from payment to arrival, may take 3-5 days more

15-20 days to Africa/South America

...4 weeks from payment to arrival, may take 3-5 days more



***VERY IMPORTANT*** What if damaged?:::

We are shipping about 200 synths a year to international buyers.
but unfortunately 6 -8 synths had shipping problems (physical damage, functional faults etc).
To make everything always 100[%], we are accepting ship back and reship after restoration.
Please understand that transaction is still on way

if you see not 100[%] item in your hands, and recovery program will start.

1)Please contact us within 10 days after faulty/damaged item has arrived.
2)If it seems to be easy to fix in buyer's hands,

we will send recovery procedure by email,
buyer may need to unscrew some to open the panel.
3)Buyer has to ship back the item to our workshop if 2) didn't help.
We will recover ship back cost soon after I hear tracking# and actual ship back cost.
#or FedEx collect service will be available if buyer has no cash to ship it back.
4)We will restore it and reship to the buyer, usually in 7 days.
5)Please doublech if it works OK when it arrives.



We won't do partial refundment for compensation.
We will cover all cost for ship back/restore and reship.


We won't disturb buyer's restoration but on buyer's expense please.

It will take at least 4 weeks for ship back/restoration and reship.
We understand its our risk to cover all expense,
and please understand buyer's long wait as buyer's risk.
It means buyer won't need any extra money.
I need money and buyer needs days for recovery.


But buyer won't have any refundmend in case:

1)Buyer has unscrewed and opened the item before ship back.

2)Buyer has passed the item to local repairer.

We won't disturb buyer's self-restoration but on buyer's expense.

Please email us for detail